How do you calculate your charges for scaffold dry-hire?

Our dry-hire scaffold rental prices are calculated on a per component basis. For example, if you required 50 standards, 35 ledgers, 15 transoms and 60 decks (planks), you would be charged a per day rental on each of these 160 components; often only cents.

You can return any or all of these at any time and stop paying rental on what’s returned. Our invoices detail every component you have on rental, its daily cost and totals for the period being invoiced. Our quotes are laid out the same.

Layher material requires fewer components for a square metre (face metre) of scaffold than traditional tube and clip scaffold. This helps contribute to the success of the dry-hire option for both us and our clients. Layher scaffold also requires a third less labour to erect and dismantle than tube and clip further making it a better option for both parties.

As a rule of thumb, for a typical scaffolding job our per component method of charging approximately equates to between 50c and $1 per square metre per week of erected scaffold.

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