Why Layher?

Layher is internationally recognised as the leading scaffold supplier to the construction, infrastructure, event and petrochemical industries. Layher scaffold components are German manufactured, hot dipped galvanised and verified for heavy duty loading.

Layher scaffolding systems are compliant with relevant European and Australian/New Zealand standards, OSH approved, WorkCover registered, TUV and ISO 9001 certified.

Layher material requires fewer components for a square metre (face metre) of scaffold than traditional tube and clip scaffold. It also requires a third less labour to erect and dismantle than tube and clip further making it an obvious choice over older style scaffolding products and one we at Camelspace didn’t have much trouble in making.

In addition to being technically superior, once erected Layher scaffolds deliver a far better aesthetic end result; increasingly important in a marketplace with evermore discerning clients looking to reduce the visual pollution impact on their building or event.