Camelspace's work at Parchute 2009

Time lapse video of Camelspace's Parachute Music Festival stage build.

Believed to be the largest stage supplied by a New Zealand company and still the largest available today, Camelspace constructed the CAM075 for the three day music festival, Parachute.

In this configuration the main stage area is 23m x 16m with stage right and left areas for monitor stations and band change etc. of 5m x 11.5m each. There is also a backstage area for drum risers or green room of 28.3m x 6.2m.

The roof is 16m off the stage at its highest point and the stage deck approximately 2m off the ground.

In total, the main stage is approximately 370m2; the side of stage areas 115m2; and the backstage 175m2.

Camelspace also supplied the PA, follow spot and big screen towers; front of house and 3 other stages to this event.


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