Temporary Ramps / Walkways / Access Corridors

Camelspace have built ramps from a few metres to hundreds of metres in length. Some rise vertically only one or two metres and others tens of metres. Ramps can incorporate flat landings at regular intervals if necessary (often a requirement of the disability code) or be completeley flat (a simple walkway).

Our ramps have been used in such diverse applications as providing wheelchair and pushchair access to public amenities such as train stations during construction or refurbishment, to taking athletes to and from a Camelspace bridge during the NZ Iron Man event. On other occasions, to bridge temporary obstructions in a public areas, such as a large diameter pipe or trench.

Ramps can be used in conjunction with Camelspace stair towers and bridges or on their own.

Walkways and ramps can be of any width; hand-railed or not; enclosed or otherwise; and have as many 'twists and turns' as your application suits.

Camelspace was the only company able to delivery 550m² of ramp to the standards required of a busy public railway station for the Newmarket Railway redevelopment project in Auckland.


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